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I work in the fields of science communication and screen studies and my current research examines the intersection of science and entertainment media with specific focus on gender, and religion. Recent publications also explore science fiction film and TV, women-directed genre movies (horror and science fiction); transmedia storytelling, and domestic medical horror.

I’m particularly interested in the relationship between entertainment media and the public understanding of science. I am an expert in Anglo-American science fiction film and TV made between 1967-1977 and research how both real-world science and imagined future science was incorporated into these stories.

As part of my current book-in-progress – From Star Child To Star Wars: American Science (Fiction), Film, and Religion 1967-1977 – I’m looking more specifically at how leaders and members of US religious institutions have interpreted and understood science in Hollywood movies in the immediate post-censorship era. I am currently developing a major research project exploring the representation and projected futures of women and minority groups within scientific cultures and imagined futures in Anglo-American entertainment media. I hope that this research can support the inclusion of a more diverse range of scientists in the processes of entertainment media production.

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