PODCAST: The Anthill Podcast: Science by the seaside (British Science Festival 2017)

Originally posted: September 2017British-Science-Festival-2017-1i1mqxl.png

At the end of summer 2017 I was in Brighton for the annual British Science Festival having organised an event for the History of Science Section of the British Science Festival. I sang at the science festival, because of course I did, and The Conversation featured us on their podcast. They described our contribution like this:


With a musical flourish, we then talked to Amy Chambers from Newcastle University, and Andrew Fiss and Laura Kasson Fiss from Michigan Technological University, about their performance of The Mathematikado, a 19th century musical parody of the Gilbert and Sullivan light opera The Mikado, which tried to promote the cause of women studying maths. We find out whether it worked and what the lessons are for those championing similar goals today…

You can listen the entire podcast here. Andrew, Laura, and I are featured towards the end of the podcast. Listen out for the singing!


The full article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.


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