PODCAST: Lady Science Podcast, Episode 5: STEM Women in Popular Culture


image-assetI was absolutely delighted to be invited to be a guest on the excellent Lady Science podcast in January 2018 to talk about my work on representations of women scientists in popular media. Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 18.33.16

This was at the early stages of this research when I was more engaged with outreach and writing popular media discussions. This has since developed into my main research focus and the underpinning for my current and forthcoming publications from 2019 onwards (she hopes!). I just wanted to make sure there was a link to this on my own blog – I’m proud of being involved and find the entire enterprise extremely useful for my research and informing myself, my students, and anyone who asks about the intersections of gender and science.

You can access this episode of the Lady Science podcast here.

In this episode, Anna, Leila, and Rebecca talk about why the BBC series Call the Midwife is the best show on TV. Guest Dr. Amy Chambers joins in to talk about her work on women and minorities in entertainment media, particularly science fiction.

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