Women Make SF Podcast (10): Robot Boyfriends (GUEST: Scott Midson)

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Episode 10: Robot Boyfriends (GUEST: Scott Midson)

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Returning from ANOTHER long hiatus, this episode features the brilliant Dr Scott Midson from The University of Manchester whose work focusses on theology and posthumanism. We talk about the two most recent films we’ve ticked off the #WomenMakeSF list: Making Mr Right (Seidelman, 1987) starring John Malkovich as ‘Mr Right’/Ulysses and I’m Your Man (Schrader, 2021) starring Dan Stevens as ‘your perfect man’/Tom. So it’s #TeamRobotMalkovich (rather unfairly) versus #TeamRobotStevens as we discuss the representation of love, robots, and AI futures presented through these romcom science fictions.

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Intro/Outro music: Inspire Glitches (2017) by Yuriy Shishlov (CC-BY-NC-SA)

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