Women Make SF Podcast (8): SF Trans representation (GUEST: Cheryl Morgan)

Lana Wachowski; Cheryl Morgan; Lilly Wachowski

Episode 8: SF Trans representation (GUEST: Cheryl Morgan)

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This week’s episode is our first look at the work of the Wachowski sisters – Lilly and Lana – who are the most prolific SF creators on the WMSF list with their work expanding across several platforms. We watched Jupiter Ascending (Wachowskis) – our first screening since September – and are avid fans of Sense8. We are joined this week by our SPECIAL GUEST science fiction critic, writer, editor, and publisher Cheryl Morgan who has some fascinating insights into their work and trans representation across different forms of SF. After a run of fairly serious space and science/fiction films we wanted to watch some pure space opera – but this is a Wachowski storyworld so it was never going to be that simple…

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Intro/Outro music: Inspire Glitches (2017) by Yuriy Shishlov (CC-BY-NC-SA)

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